Checker Map

Checker Map


Main Panel

Checker Texture (Toggle) Checker Texture

Add Checker Texture to the mesh (Toggle).


Main Panel

Checker Library Folder

Checker Library Folder indicates the folder with which Zen UV Checker will work. All textures in * .JPG, * .PNG formats that are inside this folder will be collected in Checker Textures list and can be used to display on selected models.

Reset Folder

Reset Checker Library path to Default State.

Load Your Texture

Open File Browser and add selected texture to the Checker Library.

Refresh Texture Library

Refresh Textures from Checker Library Folder.

Auto Sync Checker

Automatically sync selected Checker Texture with Viewport.

Open Shader Editor

Open Shader Editor with Zen UV Checker Node.

Reset Checker

Reset Zen UV Checker to Default state.

Remove Checker Nodes

Remove Zen UV Checker Nodes from the scene materials.

Checker Textures

The Checker Textures field is used to select the checker texture that will be displayed on the selected models.

Filter Filter Button

Enable resolution fields to filter existing textures by X or/and Y resolutions. It includes Lock button for filtering square format textures.